Monday, April 5, 2010

Stewart Goes to The City

Stewart Goes to the City

Stewart was a Bear. He was a young bear, a cub really, and he decided to get a job in the city with the humans. Naturally, his parents were concerned, and they sent him to the elder of their sleuth. The elder was a big, gray haired bear that smelled like maple syrup and butter. His name was Smiley. This was the name his trainer had given him, before he had escaped from the circus. Smiley sat the cub down on a log in his den and spoke frankly with him. He said,

Stewart, I see you are determined to leave so I will waste no time persuading you otherwise. Regardless, hear me out.

Try not to sit too close to other people at cafes and bars. You might over hear them, find out their secrets. You might notice that they don’t know what you know, that they do not notice the seasons, that they think highly of things you find trivial. You might discover you are alone amounts them and, perhaps, always will be.

Try not to drive in traffic. Some people wear their rage as we wear fur. They feel safe in their car to hate you and others. Most of them will not say to you what they will say in their minds. They are not like we bears.

Try not to follow politics, for obvious reasons. Maybe make a sign instead, one that says nothing and then hang it where no one sees it.

Try not to stare at pretty girls too much. There is always another worth seeing and it is really somewhat endless. When done enough, you are liable to forget they are girls, that they have parts beside the part you notice.

Try not to read too much of the bible. I find the practice only makes God more frightening and implausible. Many people who think the bible is easy to read are frightfully illiterate. Moreover, the other people who prefer to doubt but do it too easily are fools. Do no spend too much time in the company of either.

Worry only about yourself. Don’t worry about them. You have to find out
if you have been given the gift of faith. Not every one receives this gift and you must test your faith to know if it is yours. If you were not given this gift, then let it go. If you were, then count it a blessing.

If you ever are doubtful or sad, go for a walk in the park, or scratch at a tree, or kill a small animal. Just make sure it is not someone’s pet. Remember the old adage,
if it has a harness
do not harm it
if it has a leash
leave in peace

Eat berries when you can get them, but no fast food. I cannot stress how important it is that you eat right. Nothing makes humans more nervous than a hungry bear.

Work hard not to forget who you are and where you come from, but don’t be afraid to become what you become. You will always be a bear of this sleuth, always.

The great gray bear, signed and was silent, and Stewart rose because he thought the great bear was done talking. He was anxious to enter into the city and was afraid he would miss his train. He started to thank Smiley when the great bear unexpectedly continued.

This is my final word. You are free to go but for this single obligation I place on you.

Years from now, when you have received word that your parents have died, you will return to us and go through the period of mourning with us. You will recite the mourner’s prayer for each parent in the great hall of our sleuth, the hall that holds the stories of our kind.

And when this oath is complete, you may return to the life that is yours, from the life is ours.

The cub waited a moment longer but the old bear was done, and the cub thanked him and hurried to catch his train.

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