Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes, I like to imagine that when the first messenger told his story to Job
that Job mistook his words for the punch line to a joke

Futility- the last two crabs having sex in the tank at a seafood place
I have lost my appetite

Because I am thinking about how I went to the hospital at seventeen
Before I met my wife

Before I met my ‘first’ wife ‘cause you don’t know
I might be dumb enough to try that again

Anyway, I went to the hospital before I met Jessica
But after my father, Greg, left my mother, Jamie

I had surgery, my leg, the injury ended my football career
and the medication from the surgery made me vomit at the slightest provocation

I was a good football player
I was lousy husband

My mom, Jaime, and my dad, Senior Dick-For-Brains
They never missed a game

I went to the hospital
Before I met my wife, little Miss Latent-Lez

She left me so did my father, both to start a life
with some woman, but not the same woman. . . I am not that lucky

There were two beds in the room
I shared it with this guy, he was old

I don’t know his name
I never knew his name

But he had Alzheimers: so he didn’t know his name either
He didn’t know anybody’s name

And he happened to be dying of cancer as well
And every day the doctor, David U.R. Fucked, came in and told him he was dying

And everyday he broke down and cried, lying in the bed next to me
And he never had any visitors

So yeah. . .
My life has been good.

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